Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: How do I see my missed calls or all calls?

Answer: All calls are logged into the phone memory (RAM) Press the “Calls” button and you will see all your incoming and outgoing calls.

To dial a number in the call-log simply press the “SELECT” button (the middle button between arrow up and down)

!!! Rebooting your phone will erase all numbers!!!

How do I check my voice mail remotely?

Answer: Dial your own phone number, e.g. 562-262-2599 when you hear your greeting or auto attendant press *6 then dial your extension. Wait till the system ask for the password then Enter your password and press #.

* Note: Your default password is 1234#

How do I login to my phone?

Answer: See image below.

* Note: Your password is the same as your voice mail password.




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