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Cloud Service



Cloud computing is here. Computer Now is ready and equipped to help take your company to the next generation of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows virtual data and programs on the computer to be accessed, shared, and used anywhere in the world. Some basics cloud computing consists of, Windows workstation hosting, virtual server hosting, application hosting, data backup and data storage and security.

Cloud Phone system Your phone system is hosted in our data center with multiple internet and power redundancy.

Workstation hosting allows you to access your workstation virtually from any device anywhere, any time without the worry of any hardware problems.

Virtual Server hosting provides seamless opportunities to any business big or small that want to be present on the internet quickly and at a low cost. Online businesses and trades that require a unique technology for their business can use Cloud for procedural management of their business because in the cloud there is no physical hardware. IT Managers will completely manage and control server and workstation by virtual technology from anywhere any device there is internet present.

That is right; virtual technology offers cloud hosting as a great solution for the online business community. This solution allows companies to be online in no time. With Cloud; business owners won’t need to find the computer hardware and software and determine the physical location, and then account for the office hazards, the installation time, and a good and reliable IT and then how much all that will cost. Cloud can bypass the physical and bring business virtually online in no time.

Application hosting allows multiple profiles to be created and customize on the fly. Users never have to worry about software updates and license. This will be taken care of with your monthly subscription.

Cloud Data backup can be done daily or monthly. We can backup your entire company data to our cloud server seamlessly. There is no need to worry hard drive failure or schedule not running and with multiples backup copy it is the best way to eliminate ransom ware and local hard drive failure.

Data storage and security: Your computer or laptop could crash at any time without notice. Jeopardizing important information and valuable data to loss, hard drive corruption or ransom ware is the last thing you want. Recovery companies could charge thousands of dollars and take days if not weeks. Cloud storage addresses this issue. Your data is stored securely in a secure 24/7 facility and operates on a powerful machine that can be sending and retrieving data from anywhere anytime.

We are ready for you. Send us and email or give us a call 562-372-3800 and we will get your company data online fast and secure.