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How to Forward Phone

To forward your phone calls to another number when you are not in the office.

Your admin will be able to do it for you or just email the number to me and i will setup for you

If you are given the url to login to your phone then follow the instruction below

 2. Click on “My Extension” You will have multiple options to choose from like below:

 1. At A Meeting

2. On Vacation

3. On Business Trip

4. At Home

5. Away

6. Busy

Click Modify on the right side of each one of the option you want to change.

Click dial number and on the field enter 9+1+area code + number click “Update Call Route”

Whenever you leave office just press the present button on your phone and select the appropriate option you want above.

You could also record message for each of teh above option. to record message just press message button enter your PIN and listen for the prompt.