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How do I see my missed calls or all my calls?

Up to 99 calls are logged into the phone memory (RAM) Press the “Calls” button and you will see all your incoming and outgoing calls.

To dial a number in the call-log simply press the “ok” button.

!!! Rebooting your phone will erase all numbers!!!


What do those button mean on my phone?
the image below will tell you what they are. you can save it to your pc for future reference until you remember them.

How do I check my voice mail remotely?

Dial your the main number if the reception answer ask her to forward your call to 6+your extension. If no reception you will hear the auto attendant your greeting or auto-attendant press *6 then dial your extension. Wait till the system asks for the PIN then Enter your PIN and press #. You can also ask your administrator to see if he or she has setup the Direct number dedicate for voicemail.

How do I change my presence?
Press the presence button then scroll down to the desire setting and hit OK. Please make sure to set your voicemail or call route according to the presence.

Is my phone support the FCC rule of STIR/SHAKEN?

STIR/SHAKEN Frequently Asked Questions

COMPNOW is committed to the battle against illegal robocalling. In addition to our continued collaboration with the Industry Traceback Group (ITG), part of this commitment includes the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN. 

STIR/SHAKEN is an industry-wide system designed to continue to fight back against illegal robocalling and is a huge change to how phone calls are being handled right now. STIR/SHAKEN adds authentication and verification to every call traversing PSTN within the US allowing for easy tracking of where calls came from as well as having carriers apply attestation or “trust” levels to the call.

As with any large change to regulations and services, there are a lot of questions and concerns about how this implementation will affect you. Listed below are some of the more frequently asked questions that we have received; we hope that they help to provide transparency on what we are doing and put a stop to any fears or concerns you may have as the telecom industry enters into a new era. Anyone that has any further questions that aren’t answered by this document may email at any time for further assistance. 

  1. What exactly is STIR/SHAKEN, and what does it do?
    1. STIR/SHAKEN is a regulatory framework designed to help combat illegal robocalling. With STIR/SHAKEN, providers will sign and authenticate phone calls using different Attestation or “trust” levels depending on who the call is coming from. Further information can be found on at Gov/call-authentication
  2. What are the different levels of Attestation, and what do they mean?
    1. Full Attestation (Attestation A)– The service provider has confirmed the user that is making the call is authorized to use the calling number. Outbound calls receiving Full Attestation will almost always be made from compnow DIDs.
    2. Partial Attestation (Attestation B)– The service provider has authenticated the user but cannot verify that they are authorized to use the calling number. Calls using ANIs (Calling Numbers)  that have been purchased from another provider will receive this level of attestation.
    3. Gateway Attestation (Attestation C)– compnow can authenticate the call’s origination but cannot verify the source of the call. 
  3. Can my network still sign our own calls?
    1. Yes, if your network is configured for STIR/SHAKEN and is already signing your outbound attempts, COMPNOW will simply pass the headers upstream without any alterations or additions.
  4. Will the headers be sent to me on inbound calls so I can verify them?
    1. We will be verifying any inbound calls coming into our network but will be passing along the SHAKEN header so that you can do your own verification and call handling based off of it.
  5. Will outbound calls made with Invalid ANIs complete successfully?
    1. No, outbound calls made from an invalid NPA-NXX will be rejected by COMPNOW’s network. If you haven’t already, it may be worth conducting an audit to make sure that all outbound attempts from your network are being made from valid telephone numbers.
  6. What actions are required on my part so that COMPNOW will sign my calls on June 30th?
    1. There are no actions required for COMPNOW to begin signing your calls on June 30th.
  7. How much will it cost for COMPNOW to sign my calls?
    1. All inbound and outbound attempts will be signed at no additional cost.
  8. Will COMPNOW accept outbound TCP Traffic to accommodate higher SIP packet sizes due to STIR/SHAKEN?
    1. Yes, outbound SIP Traffic sent via TCP will be accepted by COMPNOW’s network. Customers that continue to send SIP traffic via a UDP will not experience issues, however. Fragmented invite packets (packets with sizes greater than 1,500 bytes) sent via UDP will be accepted by COMPNOW’s network but may be lost or rejected in transit. We would suggest ensuring that your INCOMPNOWTEs come in below the maximum 1500 bytes by removing extraneous codecs and headers before sending them to COMPNOW.
  9. Will my calls being assigned a B/Partial Attestation start failing?
    1. Each terminating carrier will be handling calls differently, there is no way to predict whether a B/Partial Attestation call will be rejected. There are plenty of valid use cases for B Attestation calls and we suspect that most providers will not reject a call simply because it is given a B Attestation.
  10. In what scenario would my calls be given a “C”/Gateway Attestation?
    1. Since you are a customer of ours, we will always be able to authenticate that you sent the call. The lowest level of attestation we would assign to your calls would be B/Partial.
  11. Is there anything that I can do to have you sign “A”/Full attestation on calls using a number that I get through someone else?
    1. COMPNOW is exploring a few different options presented to the Policy Administrator. We will communicate to you when/if a solution has been implemented and made available. Currently, there are a few different solutions being discussed within the industry and we hope that a good solution will be agreed upon.
  12. Is there anything that I can do to have another provider sign “A”/Full attestation on calls using a number that I get through you?
    1. Your other provider may have a path for you to prove ownership of the numbers that you purchase with us. There are a few different options being presented to the Policy Administrator to handle scenarios like this. If your other provider is requesting something from us to validate that you own a number you have purchased from COMPNOW, please send an email with all relevant details to
  13. Does this mean that I can’t send you calls from a DID that I bought from another Provider?
    1. No; Calls sent to us from a DID that you get through a different provider will be signed as a B/Partial Attestation call which is not inherently an issue. The receiving carrier MAY reject a call that is partial attestation if they have reason to suspect that the number is being used to make illegal robocalls, but they most likely will not reject normal calls. Calls from a DID that you purchase from COMPNOW will get an A/Full Attestation however, which will be less likely to be rejected. It’s unlikely that either attestation level will have 100% completed or rejected calls.