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How do I see my missed calls or all my calls?

Up to 99 calls are logged into the phone memory (RAM) Press the “Calls” button and you will see all your incoming and outgoing calls.

To dial a number in the call-log simply press the “ok” button.

!!! Rebooting your phone will erase all numbers!!!

How do I check my voice mail remotely?

Dial your the main number if the reception answer ask her to forward your call to 6+your extension. If no reception you will hear the auto attendant your greeting or auto-attendant press *6 then dial your extension. Wait till the system asks for the PIN then Enter your PIN and press #.

How do I see my missed calls or all my calls?

You may need to login to your allworx manager. You can send me email for the url or ask your Admin See image below.

* Note: Your password may be the same as your voice mail PIN.