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Email Setup Instructions

Email Setup for outlook

1. use the information below
2. Type in the incoming mail (pop3) server:
3. Type in the Outgoing mail (smtp) server: click next

4. Type in your account name (account name is your full email) and password. 

5. Select Server Authentication required 

6. Smtp Port is 589

Instructions for Outlook 2010 Setup

TkkClick FILE => click ADD ACCOUNT
Enter Full name, email address, click Manually configure server setting, Select Internet and click Next.
Incoming mail server name is:
Outgoing mail server name is:
User name: Your full email
Your password
On the bottom right click MORE SETTINGS
Click Outgoing Server TAB then, click My outgoing server (smtp) requires authentication, Click Advance TAB Change port 25 to 589
Click OK, Next and finish, it will verify the account info.
If not correct make sure you your type your email and password correct.
*They are case sensitive.

All done

iPhone Email Setup

How to setup iPhone email with compnow server.
From Home screen Hit: setting => mail =>Account
Hit: add account => other
Hit: Add mail account
Enter Your Full name:
Enter email address:
Enter password:
Hit: next on top Right Corner
Hit: POP (instead of IMAP)
Incoming mail server host name is:
User name Enter your full email address:
Password may already filled if not enter again:
Outgoing mail server name is:
User name enter full email address:
Enter your password here:
Hit Save on top right. It will takes about a minutes then it will prompt for
Cannot connect using ssl do you want to connect without ssl?
Hit: Yes. It may come up twice just hit Yes. Click Advance change smtp port to 589

All Done!

Instructions on how to add email to the list.

1. Login to web mail by go to click on check email; enter your full email address and password.

2. Click on Web Admin on the upper right corner
3. Click on List Administration on the left menu pane
4. Click on the list name
5. Click on List users on the left pane menu
6. Click Add
7. Enter email address in the address field
8. Click Save on the bottom.

All Done.

How to create an email user

1. Login to web mail by go to click on check email, enter your full email address and password.
2. Click on Web Admin on the upper right corner. Click manage users (if you see it)
3. Click User Administration on the left pane menu
4. Click Add on the bottom
5. On the user id field Enter the first part of the email e.g. the email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it) then you would enter only tony (make it all lower case).
6. Enter full name of the user
7. Enter the password (minimum is 4 alphanumeric)
8. Reenter the password again to confirm.
9. Click on save on the bottom.

All done for creating new email account.