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Phone Instructions

 HOW TO USE THE NEW PHONE (This instruction base on default 3 digit ext. setup)

The new phone is very simple and easy to use.

To make a call you can do the following

  1. Pick up the hand set dial 9 and number
  2. Press a line dial 9 and number
  3. Push the speaker and dial 9 and number
  4. Or simply dial 9 then the number

To check voice mail just push the messages button (it should have lid up if you have message) then enter your PIN. Once you get into your voice mail just listen to the prompt to record your name and change greeting.

You should record your name Now.

While you are in the Message Center Guide

Press * in any menu to return to the previous menu options

The following functions can be performed while listening to voicemail message:

*1 reply to this message

*2 Forward this message

*3 Delete this message

*4 Replay this message

*5 play the previous message

*6 play the next message

*7 rewind the message 10 second

*8 advance the message forward 10 second

*9 place a call to the user who left the voicemail

*# skip to the end of the message.

Checking Your Voice Mail 

To check your voicemail from any phone in the office dials:  6 + your extension; Enter your PIN and #

To check message from home or anywhere dial in to the system (your office number) or ask your admin for the number

If the auto attendant picks up dial 6+your extension. Wait till the system ask for PIN then enter your password press #

If the reception pick up then ask her to transfer to 6+your extension.

Enter your password and press #

Your message can be forwarded to your email or cell phone.

Let me know if you want to do that. (My email is


To page every one lift the handset and dial 460

Park Calls

Park a call if you have the phone model 92XX just press Park

If you have phone model 91XX you need to press hold for 2 seconds

The park will be on extension 701 to 709

To retrieve a call simply dials the parked extension.

To answer other people’s extensions just dial 7 then the extension you want to answer.

Outside line dials.

If you want to dial someone from the office but you are on the road simply call the office, asks the operator to transfer to your voice mail (6 plus your ext.)

Enter your password then press 7 for outside line then 9 plus the number.

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call just press transfer then dial the extension and hang up.

To transfer a call to voice mail just hit transfer dial 3 then the extension of the person.

Conference Calls

To make a conference call dial the first number then press hold

Dial the second number then press conference then press the line that was on hold (blinking).

Intercom Functions

To speak to someone directly without them pick up the handset Press Intercom and dial the extension.

If you do not want someone to talk to you via intercom you can disable this function also. Let me know if you want to do this.

Do Not Disturb

To set your phone to do not disturb simply push DND button.

Speed Dial

Speed dial can be programmed by me or your administrator.

If you have the number that use frequently please let me know I can setup a speed dial for you. It will be on 350 to 399 a total of 50 numbers can be programmed to speed dial. Four digits speed dial can be program up to 999 numbers

The button on the right also can be programmed for speed dial.

Call Forward to Extension

Dial 45 and extension you want to forward to. E.g 45239 will forward your call to Extension 239

To cancel call forward simply dials 450