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Digital Surveillance Installation

Computer Now offers a comprehensive suite of products in our enterprise-class IP Video Surveillance Solution. Use map and floor plan based navigation to view live and recorded video from anywhere on the internet, network or using smart phone. Our software has been installed on over 5000 campuses and supports over 970 camera models from 60 major camera manufacturers.

Enterprise-class IP video Surveillance systems

Support more than 1000 cameras per server from over 60 manufactures

Scalable to hundreds of cameras per server

IP Video Surveillance for the next generation

Open Architecture

Easy to use

Lowest total cost of ownership

 Our software developers possess a unique combination of software development, retail loss prevention, and IT professional services experience. Together, these three elements not only give us an advantage over the competition but also provided us with the foundation needed to build the best video surveillance system.

Our mission is simple:

To protect the next generation of Americans by providing intelligent, easy to use IP Security Solutions.